Buckskin Gulch, the Wave and Lower Antelope Canyon

After crossing Arizona/Utah border we headed north toward Big Water and continued west on Hwy 89. We got to Paria Contact Station after midnight and set up a tent in a campsite behind the station. We woke up early morning and went to try our luck in getting a permit for the Waves. We were lucky and won a lottery. We got a permit for the next day.
It was still before noon so we decided to hike Buckskin Gulch. It was a beautiful hike. We didn’t go all the way to the end where it connects with Paria River because we needed to find a camp before sunset and get ready for the next day’s hike to the Wave. but still we managed to take beautiful shots and take rest in the shadow of the canyon walls.

Buckskin Gulch

Next morning we woke up later than we planned and drove to the trailhead of the Wave which is actually the same as of Buckskin Gulch. The trail is in full sun and you need to take a lot of water if you go there. It is easy to get lost without a good map. We had a map from the ranger station and there were also photos there for better visual orientation. This hike is an endurance test. But it is worth the effort. The Wave is not as big as we expected but very photogenic. We got there before noon and after two hours we headed back to the car.

The Wave

Later in the afternoon we spent time at the marina on Lake Powell. We stayed overnight by the lake and next morning we drove east of page on hwy 98 to see the Antelope Canyon. There are two slots: upper and lower. We decided to visit just one and we chose Lower Antelope Canyon. It is only 400 meter long . We got down to the slot with only a few other people . After maybe less than half an hour a lot of photographers came. It was crowded but we still managed to get great shots.

Lower Antelope Canyon


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