Wahweep Hoodoos and Horseshoe Bend

After leaving Lower Antelope Canyon we headed to Antelope Point Marina. Not having time on our side we gave up the idea of renting a boat to see Lake Powell and decided to cool off in the water for a couple of hours. We were planning to hike to Wahweep Hoodoos in the afternoon and the sun was still too high in the sky. Hike to the hoodoos is long and it is in full sun.
When we got to the trailhead it was already late afternoon. We knew we’ll be coming back after sunset so we brought our lights with us. The hike was long but easy. The bed of the stream was dry with some muddy patches in few spots. The hike seemed endless. When we took the first shots of the hoodoos the sun was getting down behind the rock formations.

Wahweep Hoodoos

Wahweep Hoodoos

Sometime in between our hikes we stopped by Horseshoe Bend located around two miles south of Page on highway 89. The hike to overlook is about half a mile and there is no access to the river. Bring covered shoes as the sand you walk on gets very hot from the sun.

Horseshoe Bend


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