The Subway (Left Fork of North Creek), Zion NP, Utah- VIDEO!!!

To see a video from the hike click on the picture below.

Left Fork of North Creek, Utah

When we got to  Zion National Park one thing we  knew is that we  wanted to hike the Subway. We didn’t have anything planned but we were lucky right from the start.We got our permits early morning and drove to the Lower Trailhead. We got our gear and we decided to hitchhike to the Wildcat Trailhead. In less than a minute a truck stopped and a middle-aged man offered us a lift. He was from Nevada and he was heading to his cottage near Kolob Reservoir. Our luck gave us an early head start. We didn’t see anybody for the first two miles but then, as we continued though the pools,  we met few groups of people. We actually were surprised by the number of people we saw. We enjoyed the hike greatly however the last part of the hike (below the last rappelling) seemed never ending.


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