Metal Print and Enlargement File Size

I recently decided to get my first metal print from bayphoto. They offer variety of prints and finishes. I wanted something bigger so I checked stock sizes and decided for 24×36 inches. But my file size was too small for such a big print. This is my original file of size 2348x 3522.

original file

I used Perfect Resize from OnOne Software company to resize my original file to my desired enlargement size (they offer a 30-day fully functional demo). This software works as a plug-in for Photoshop. I was very happy with the final result. I began with resetting all adjustments from the original file and opening it up in Photoshop and then in Perfect Resize, selecting 24×36 inches and 300 ppi, color profile Adobe RGB (1998) I saving files, I checked the “Embed Color Profile” checkbox and the software did the rest with fascinating results. It enlarged from 2348×3522 pixels to 7200×10800 pixels. I found only about five blemishes which was easily retouched in Photoshop. Then I opened it up again in Aperture and did all adjustments preparing for a final print. Once fully satisfied the file was converted to JPEG format which is the only format that the photo lab accepts. After converting to JPEG I opened both files next to each other and noticed the JPEG file lost some details due to its high compression, so the only thing that I did was a little sharpening to match it back with the original edited file. Now the file was ready for the lab and another dilemma was to go with high gloss or lustre finish. I decided to go for lustre finish to reduce a reflection from the surface. Below you can see the print I just received.

metal print 24x36 inches

back side


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