Bridal Photo Shoot



Shooting photos of wedding brides is not an easy task. Capturing the beauty of the bride and her garments as well as the emotions is important. 

When you shoot the closeup – the background is important. Flowers and dark background give you a romantic look whereas putting a bride in front of glassy structure or door gives the photo a modern look.



 FIP (3 of 8)   FIP (6 of 8) 

FIP (2 of 8)

Not many brides know how to pose so it will be photographer’s or his assistant job. To get the dramatic feeling pose the bride in front of the mirror and black background. 

 FIP (7 of 8)


When the bride is in moving motion you can easily capture the beauty of her dress and bride’s happiness 

FIP (1 of 8)FIP (5 of 8)



Flowers are important prop of a bridal photo. To get the cheerful look catch the sun in her hair and make sure she smiles.

FIP (8 of 8)


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