Photographer Milan Petrik
This blog was created so I can keep you all updated about my whereabouts. You will be able to find here the latest pictures from my travels or the most recent pictures from my studio. Also I will share with you the pictures from interesting events in Chicago area. Those of you who would like to see more of my photography work check out my Visit my blog often and do not forget to post comments. Those of you who would like to see more of my photography work check out my website at

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  1. Hi, Milan
    We met on the Awa Awapuhi trail on Kauai. I enjoyed our brief time together very much. The hike out was, in some way, reasonably significant for me; I had not done much hiking, and no back country skiing this year in the as yet dry Sierra. So when we topped out in fairly good time, I knew I was not totally and physically wasted. (Yet.)
    Watched the Zion video, The Subway, and admired and envied your journey down that stream bed/ slot canyon. My Arline is not so “up” for that sort of thing. We did get up to Observation Point overlooking the main canyon, a few years back. Fantastic trail to get up there; real nice piece of trail engineering. Next day, I did Angels Rest (?) up “Walter’s Wiggles”. That was a fun deal. Have been back there just once in the last five years. I think Chaco Canyon( out of Alberquerque in New Mexico) might provide a couple of days of very interesting work for your image collection. We have been there twice. Next time, we want to be there when the local tribes gather in Chaco for their ceremonial observance of the Summer Solstice. Hope we can make it in the next couple of years. June 21 is the date, obviously!
    Looking forward to seeing some images of your Hannakapai journey, and the Tunnel project.
    Fairly good friend of mine, Galen Rowell, would have enjoyed adventuring with you. Some of the places you have been, he had been there, also. I do not think he ever made it to Hawaii. I think he would be intrigued by the challenge presented by Kauai’s highest point; a perfect adventure and most challenging from the little I have read of it. Probably has some non-objective dangers which add to the adventure: the Unknown climbing problems, etc. Wish he were still on this Earth; quite a guy.
    Keep up the adventuring, It is a great life. Most of my opportunities are rapidly fading. But the Sierra always calls.It is not a misnomer to call the Sierra, “The Range of Light”. Look up, Mountain Light Photography in Bishop, California.
    Good luck to you and your wife! And keep us in mind if you are in our area.
    Warren Harnden
    2957 Santa Maria Dr
    Minden, Nv; 89423
    775-267-9458 Home
    775-790-4317 Cell

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