Yellowstone National Park

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Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is a national park located in state of Montana, on the Canada–United States border with the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.



Here are some photos from recent trip to Florida.Click here HERE


Big Island,Hawaii

Big Island,Hawaii.Here are some images from our recent trip to Hawaii.
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Big Island,Hawaii

Big Island,Hawaii

Snorkeling at Kahalu’u, Big Island- VIDEO

Kahalu’u is very popular snorkeling spot on Big Island. There’s ton of friendly fish that are so used to tourists that it makes a great place for video recording. This video was recorded with GoPro Hero 3 with 2.7k resolution. The water is shallow so you feel more as if you were swimming in an aquarium than in the ocean. Because  the water is not deep. it allows the light to penetrate to the bottom. The cove is surrounded by large partly submerged rock wall that makes the water calm and easy to snorkel in. While snorkeling I saw different kind of fish including box fish, cardinal fish, needle fish, surgeon fish and eel among many others. Click here or below on the picture to check out the video:

Kahalu'u, Big Island, Hawaii

Kahalu’u, Big Island, Hawaii

Erika’s Pregnancy

Once again Erika Congratulation for your Pregnancy.Still 7 weeks to go,wish you and your family all the best.Below are some photos you can share! ! !click here or on the photo below.Focus Images Photography

Kauai/ Na Pali Coast/ Kalalau Trail Hike

Kalalau Trail is 22 miles roundtrip. We decided to hike one day to the end, stay overnight and come back the next day. It was pretty tough to do it with big packs. Most of our baggage was of course water.
The hike goes along the Na Pali Coast…

and through a lush jungle.

Some parts are pretty steep. Can you spot a path?
There were some nice spots to rest and have a snack.

Your last walk downhill…

…and you are on Kalalau Beach.

The Kalalau Trail is spectacular and the sunset on the beach is unforgettable.

Manta Ray Night Dive,Big Island-Hawaii “Video”

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Manta Ray Night Dive is rated as one of the top 10 dives in the world.The dives took place off the coast of Kona, right next to the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa . The Manta could be observed from shore at the Keauhou Bay Resort at night. The powerful lights shining on the water from the Keauhou Bay Resort attracted the photoplankton which attracts the Manta Rays.To dive with the Mantas you can use use a commerical dive boat.I entered the water by the Keauhou Bay Resort cliffs.It reguire short swim around the cliffs.For easy exit in the dark,have flashlight on placed on the rock.The divers descend to the bottom of the ocean and hold bright lights to attract the Mantas. The Mantas will came quite close and sometimes touched me.It really is an unbelievable experience and should not be missed.

Wahweep Hoodoos and Horseshoe Bend

After leaving Lower Antelope Canyon we headed to Antelope Point Marina. Not having time on our side we gave up the idea of renting a boat to see Lake Powell and decided to cool off in the water for a couple of hours. We were planning to hike to Wahweep Hoodoos in the afternoon and the sun was still too high in the sky. Hike to the hoodoos is long and it is in full sun.
When we got to the trailhead it was already late afternoon. We knew we’ll be coming back after sunset so we brought our lights with us. The hike was long but easy. The bed of the stream was dry with some muddy patches in few spots. The hike seemed endless. When we took the first shots of the hoodoos the sun was getting down behind the rock formations.

Wahweep Hoodoos

Wahweep Hoodoos

Sometime in between our hikes we stopped by Horseshoe Bend located around two miles south of Page on highway 89. The hike to overlook is about half a mile and there is no access to the river. Bring covered shoes as the sand you walk on gets very hot from the sun.

Horseshoe Bend